Searching for that Serene Senior Living

Whatever we do in wherever we go, we never fail to direct our thoughts on the surroundings that we find ourselves in – the facilities, the fun offerings, , the conduciveness, the likability that play a crucial part in going our merry way. The same applies to our senior loved ones, who no longer wish for anything but to be able to enjoy their retirement life. Well, more so to them!

But more than mouthwatering meals, detoxifying spa sessions, and limb-stretching sports activities that any given senior living community can offer, it is the place’s capacity to look after the welfare of the seniors in the long run. Issues like safety and security, cleanliness and sanitation, and provision of healthcare services are what matter most.

So what specifically should you take into consideration when looking for retirement community for your beloved elderly?

Does it offer adequate healthcare services?
An ideal senior living community has a staff nurse or a visiting professional. So being in good health or otherwise, consider opting for a community that offer healthcare services to cater to the seniors’ needs, like medication reminders and bathroom assistance. Continuing care communities are perhaps the best setup for this, as they have independent quarters, assisted living amenities, even nursing homes.

Is it sanitary?
Cluttered surroundings and unusual odors are signs that a community is in a drawback when it comes to cleanliness. The staff’s interaction with the elderly – the former’s responsibility of caring for the latter – can also spell the difference when it comes to maintaining the area’s sanitation.

Does it have a good reputation?
Well-run it may be, but a retirement community may have some unpublicized snags, too. Do your research. Investigate. Have a casual tete-a-tete or an informal group talk with residents who live happily there. Ask them why. Inquire. Check for other unseen aspects, like complaints, deficiencies, or legal actions taken against a community.

Are the staff members proportionate and competent?
The higher a retirement community charges, the better the resident-to-staff ratio it offers. The turnover rate of staff should also be pulsed; the longer a staff member has stayed with the community, the more they know the residents, thus, the better the care they give.

Is the place safe and secure?
Probably the biggest concern in choosing a senior living community, security is about ensuring that an adequate number of personnel is on patrol ‘round the clock, throughout the week, availability of an alarm system, window locks, and barriers. Interior security – easy access to call bells and availability of personal emergency response systems – is equally essential. These may not be required but the employment of these features in a retirement community makes us feel that our loved one is given utmost importance and genuine care just as we do ourselves.