Need Help Choosing?

At some point during the elder years, you may need to consider an alternative living arrangement for either yourself or a family member. This can be a scary situation sue to the fact that there are so many alternatives. It is tough to see which will be the best for the situation. However, once you arm yourself with some facts, the decision process can be much less stressful.

Two of the options for your retirement years include assisted living facilities and retirement living facilities. These two types of facilities will serve two very different types of residents.

An assisted living facility is an adult care residence that is meant to provide a higher level of service to adults that have physical or mental problems that need at least a moderate level of assistance in order to see to their daily needs and activities. There are two different types of assistant living: regular assisted living is intended for those (typically seniors) that will need assistance with one or more daily activities; and intensive assisted living which is meant for those individuals that are incapable of performing tasks or caring for themselves due to mental or severe physical impairment.

In the assisted living world, you will encounter residents of all age groups, due to the fact that special needs children will need living facilities when they become adults, and they will need assistance for many years. Some facilities are for all age groups, and others will be strictly for seniors. In most jurisdictions, in order to be certified as an assisted living facility, they will need to provide or coordinate personal and health care services, and they must also provide twenty four hour supervision. However, unlike a full scale nursing home, an assisted living facility does not have an obligation to provide health care services or to have health care workers on staff. So, as health conditions warrant it, you will want to meet with the staff in order to evaluate if this is still the right facility for your senior, or if they should be moved to another facility.

On the other end of the spectrum is the retirement living facility. This type of facility is for those that are in good health, but want to simplify their lives. Many times, once the retirement years are upon us, we want to be able to kick back and enjoy our lives, and things like housework, yard work, and home maintenance no longer are something that you want to deal with. Additionally, you may want to have more companionship with people your own age. These types of facilities will offer you apartment living with security and a chance to interact with people your own age. These types of facilities will often offer cafeteria facilities, exercise programs, and event outings as a group. Some facilities will have many different amenities on site, such as golf facilities and even a movie theatre. If you can afford this type of facility, you can really enjoy your retirement years.

As you can see, you have many different options for your golden years, and you should spend some time researching these options based on your personal situation.